Keep it lekker lekker lekkerrrrrrrr

Enough with all the porn on my dash

Baaaad bitches
I have grown to love and appreciate myself immensely in these past months. In the beginning working from home was difficult, because naturally I distract easily and often lose site of my goals, but I have proved myself wrong. There aren’t many people truly in touch with themselves.  Everyday I learn something new. I have discovered making time for things that matter most to you is a part of life necessities. I convinced myself that constantly being around people would help cure my anxiety, but the root of the problem starts within yourself. I became oblivious to my own priorities and needs so much that at each night I became overwhelmed with those nauseous feelings all over again. Then it’s back to square one. 
If you feel like you’re stuck in a loop you can’t break, you know you can. It’s up to you. Do everything that makes you happy and alive. You are your ships captain.

Gimme this coat